Month: September 2016

8 Tips For New Business Owners

chinchilla-business-and-safety-consultingWhen starting out a new business, there will be a constant barrage of well-intentioned acquaintances giving you advice. Some of this advice will be great, some will be less-than-great; some will be extremely applicable to your business, some not so much, and some will be completely contradictory to what you were told the day before by someone else.

All of this advice, while well-meaning, can be overwhelming. So to help you through the process of deciphering the advice, here are 8 tips that are applicable to any new business in any industry to help get you off on the right foot.

Create a Business Plan – By setting goals, projections, and expectations to paper, you can begin tracking successes and failures. This will help you to determine actual startup costs, determine what success looks like in the first few years, and ensure you can afford your business if things start …