Establishing Safety Goals

establishing-safety-goalsIt is important for every company, whether a brand new start up or a long standing company, to have established safety goals. These goals will help to guide your company’s occupational health and safety initiatives and will help to create a measurable, achievable, place for your company to reach. Your goals can be set in any of a number of ways and can be facilitated in a number of ways, as well. But however you set your goals, they need to be achievable, definable, and incremental.

Every company would like to set a safety goal of 100% OSHA compliance with no workplace injuries. Similarly, many companies want to get every safety certification at once. But these are not necessarily realistic goals for a company with a history of workplace injuries or OSHA issues. At least, not right away. But there are achievable goals which can be set along the way to help you reach that ultimate goal of 100% compliance.

Which brings us to incremental. You can have a number of goals which come in succession. Your first goal may be to establish a relationship with a third party occupational health and safety auditing firm. This will allow you to have a full-site safety inspection to see what really needs to be worked on. From there, you can have dozens of goals spanning years, if needed, to properly and effectively attain your ultimate goals.

And finally, the goals need to be definable. Being “safer,” is a great goal, but how is it measured? Is it measured by the number of workplace accidents? The number of new safety initiatives put in place? Is it just a slogan that won’t actually do anything for the company? A definable goal, such as “50% fewer injuries over the next 2 quarters while rewriting our lockout tagout procedures,” will go much further because you can track the progress.

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