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Updating Policies and Procedures for Lockout Tagout

lockout-tagout-proceduresCreating policies and procedures for lockout tagout is never an easy task. Based on OSHA Standard 1910.147, lockout tagout procedures have very specific requirements, are different at every facility, and need to be created in such a way that they are easy to monitor and update. This creates a very daunting task; especially since OSHA Standard 1910.147 is extremely convoluted and difficult to understand.

Because these procedures are so difficult to create, many companies hire third party lockout tagout auditing firms such as to help them create their procedures. And while this helps them to ensure that the procedures are correctly created, it also leaves the company with procedures they may not know how to properly monitor and update. So some companies then hire the third party auditing firm on indefinitely to monitor the procedures for them, making relevant changes.

But lockout tagout procedures may need to be changed …